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What To Expect

Congregational participation is a hallmark of worship in the Episcopal Church. Episcopal worship is not a spectator sport! 


The service bulletin, available from an usher at the entrance of the church, guides you through the service, utilizing the Book of Common Prayer and the hymnal, which are available in every pew.  The liturgy invites us to share in the readings, the spoken prayers, and the music. Standing, sitting and kneeling are all a part of our worship. Generally we stand to sing, for the Affirmation of Faith, and for the reading of the Gospel Lesson. Some people stand at the Communion Rail and for prayer, though most people kneel for both. If you have any questions, the person sitting near you should be happy to give you help.


Although there are many life-long Episcopalians in our parish, there are also many who are relatively new to the Episcopal Church. We are all learning as we go on our journey of faith. No one should ever feel awkward about asking a question or needing a little help along the way.


Do you have children? Trinity provides a nursery service for children under five years of age. The nursery is located downstairs from the sanctuary.

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